Terms of Use for Advertising on Our Platform

We want our end-users to trust the businesses that list their services on our platform, so we strive to ensure that business listing partners represent their services in a clear, honest way and provide the information that our users need to make informed decisions.

We do not allow listings or promotional ads that deceive users by excluding relevant product information or providing misleading information about qualifications, services, or pricing. Below are some examples of unacceptable advertising practices and the consequences of violating our policies:

Unacceptable Business Practices

Our business listing partners may not scam users by concealing or misstating information about their business, product, or service.

Our business listing partners may not make misleading statements, obscuring, or omitting information about their identity, affiliations, or qualifications.

Our business listing partner may not use our site to disseminate content about politics, social issues, or other matters of public concern to users. All listings on our site must be service-oriented and for the benefit of the manufactured home community.

Our business listing partners may not advertise products or services on our website as free when they are chargeable.

Our business listing partners may not engage in deceptive pricing practices, the use of clickbait tactics, or other misleading practices that take advantage of our users.

Our business listing partners may not use our site to promote or advertise any product or service that is different than the category by which it is listed or noted as its primary business.

We take violations of our business listing policies very seriously. If a business listing partner is reported or discovered, to have violated any of the above provisions, we will investigate the claim and may take action to remove and suspend the advertiser’s account. They will not be allowed to advertise with us again. Listing partner violating our policies will forfeit any fees paid to date on their listing plan.

If our listing partner believes there has been an error, and that they haven’t violated our policy, we recommend that an appeal be submitted, explaining why. We only reinstate accounts when there is good reason, along with proof that the violation in question did not take place. So, it’s important that you take the time to be thorough, accurate, and honest.

As with any advertising venture, it is impossible for Manufactured Home Hub Inc to guarantee or estimate the results or success of your advertising efforts. We do, however, pledge the fair and equitable treatment of all business listing partners and will take every possible measure to promote and generate interest in all our business listings.